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History of cocoa drinks during ancient times

During ancient times, as early as 1000 BC, people enjoyed chocolate in a drink.

Cocoa trees were believed to have been around since between 400 B and 1500 BC in the Amazon basin, Central America. It was cultivated by the Maya, Toltec and Aztec of what is now Mexico.

In AD 250 to AD 900, Mayan society especially elite group already consumed an unsweetened cocoa drink which was made from ground beans. Mayan really loves the drinks.

The drink so called chocolatl, a drink made by roasting and grinding cocoa nibs, mashing with water , often adding other ingredients such as vanilla, spices or honey.

Aztec society
The drinks later become popular among Aztec in 14th century. They spiced the drinks and enjoyed for its energy and sexual enhancing powers. Aztec also used coca as a currency.

Although this drink was a favorite among Mayan royals and priest, commoners enjoyed the drink on some occasions as well.
History of cocoa drinks during ancient times

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