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Soap of Lux in history

Lux soap first produced in United Kingdom in 1899. It was produced by British company name Lever Brothers. The company, which began as Lever and Co, was named Lever Brothers in 1890.

Lever Brothers was founded in 1885 by William Hesketh Lever and his brother James. They using glycerin and vegetable oil such as palm oil to manufacture soap called “Sunlight Soap.” Over the next few decades, the Lever Company joined with other European companies that were making margarine and other products from fats and oils.

The flaked version of soap called Lux soap. Lux means ‘light’ and ‘hints at ‘luxury’. Glycerin was a lucrative byproduct of the soap making process, and by the end of 1886, Lever brothers also had a glycerin factory. 

Lever opened their small office in New York in 1895. The company started selling Sunlight and Lifebuoy but did not doing well until 1916. Lux soap was first launched in United States in 1916. The Lux trademark was registered in United States in 1900.

The first advertisement for Lux, a flaked soap emphasized a brand image of a soap that could transform grueling laundry labor into a pleasant part of homemaking and caring for the family’s lines.

In 1925 Lever Brothers launched the perfumed Lux bar toilet soap specifically for the American market.

In 1928, J Walter Thompson Advertising Agency launched a national campaign for Lux based on the claim that nearly 100 percent of Hollywood screen stars used the brand.

Lux had become the largest selling toilet soap in the United States.

In 1934 Lux soap was launched in India in 1929. The soap's very first advertisement featured actress Leela Chitnis as its brand ambassador. It was popularly known as 'the beauty soap of film stars.'

From 1930s right through 1970s, Lux soap colors and packaging were altered several times to reflect fashion trends. In 1958 five colors were made up the range: pink, white, blue, green and yellow. In 1990s, Lux launching its own range of shower gels, liquid soaps and moisturizing bars.
Soap of Lux in history

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