Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Herodicus of Selymbria

Herodicus of Selymbria, Thracian physician famous as the first person use of therapeutic exercise for treatment of disease and maintenance of health.

Herodicus was described as gymnastic master also as athletic trainer in Selymbria, on the northern coast of the Propoints, is credited in medical history with having understood how diet affected both health and illness, and with having originated one of the three branches of ancient therapeutic: dietetics, alongside pharmacology and surgery.

In Plato’s Republic Herodicus is said die in old age. Plato satirizes Herodicus as the inventor of contemporary ‘pampering medicine’ he was an athletic trainer with chronic disease. He mingled medicine and gymnastic and spent his life tending his disease and keeping himself alive.
Herodicus of Selymbria
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