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History of Sprite Coke

Sprite was introduced by Coca Cola in 1961. Before that Houston Coca-Cola Bottling Company sold fruit flavored drinks under the name ‘Sprite’ during the 1950s and became the first bottler to market Sprite in 1961. Now it’s become world’s leading flavored soft-drinks in category of lemon.

It holds this position the world over and is in fact the third most sold carbonated soft drink after Pepsi and Coke; it is sold on over 188 countries.

The target consumer is the young people and they enjoy because it tasted crisp and clean. It’s really quenches the thirst.

The name Sprite originated from character named the ‘Sprite boy’ created for Coca-Cola to symbolize and reinforce the brand image Coke.

Seven-up Co, began distributing its soft rinks, including its lemon-lime 7UP, in the 1920s., and by the time Coca-Cola introduced it lemon soft drink, Sprite in 1961, 7UP dominated the market.

In 1991, Coca-Cola launch a sales presentation known as The Future Belongs to Sprite. The result is that five of eleven bottles decided to switch their lemon soft drink from 7UP to Sprite.

Beginning 1994, Spite has utilized the NBA property as the centerpiece of its fully integrated marketing strategy. Since the deal began, Spite sales have grown at a pace that has far exceeded that of the soft drink category as a whole for five straight years.

In the late 1990s Sprite ran a series of commercials that capitalized upon the unreality of the standard soft-drink fantasies. The commercials ended with a series of slogans: Image is Nothing. Thirst is Everything. Obey Your Thirst.
History of Sprite Coke

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