Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cumin in Egypt history

Scientific name for Cumin seed is Cuminum cyminum
Common names: Cumin Seed; Comino

The cumin seed posses a powerful flavor described as being penetrating and peppery with slight citrus overtones.

The cumin belonging to family Apiaceace is an important seed spice believed to be indigenous to northern Egypt, East Mediterranean region, Iran, Turkey and India.

It is a native of Egypt, and was used during the time of the Pharaohs not only as a food spice but also to preserve the bodies of their kings by mummifying them with cumin, anise and marjoram.

Egyptian foods could be cooked in a clay oven or over an open fire. Ancient Egyptian cooks had salt and a variety of spices and herbs such as cumin and coriander for flavoring.
Cumin in Egypt history
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